I will take out the fish bones for you........always


I will take out the fish bones for you…..always….Friendship between Sunflower and Sweet pea.

22 August 2007 was the day that I encountered one of the saddest, though, one of the most memorable stories in my life. It was the loveliness of two small children whose friendship for each other and their determination to continue to live in this cruel world that left a lasting imprint on my heart.

At Camillian Social Centre Rayong, an orphanage in Rayong Province in Eastern Thailand, the children were very excited and happy that Auntie Dr. Krisana Krasintu, who invented the generic antiretroviral drugs against HIV/AIDS , came to visit them. She arrived with boxes of colourful and tasty Donuts. She visits Father Giovani, the Director of the Centre and the children on a regular basis. The children are infected with HIV/AIDS, all of whom were abandoned by their parents through death or social stigma. Today, Dr. Krisana was accompanied by Mr. Asoke Mahadhevan, the Editor-in-chief of Reader Digest Magazine and me, Kibangkok. We brought presents and toys for the children.


When we arrived, it was lunchtime. Sounds of spoons and forks mixed with the laughter of the children highlighted the lively and happy atmosphere of the cafeteria at the Centre. While everyone was chatting, eating and enjoying themselves, I noticed a little girl, her name was Sweet pea, carefully and meticulously taking tiny fish bones out of a fried fish. Sweet pea used her small fingers to press on the fish filet to make sure that all the tiny fish bones were no longer there. Then she slowly transferred the fish filet (minus bones) from her plate to arrange nicely in small portions on the plate of her friend, a boy sitting next to her. His name was Sunflower.

Sweet pea gave a signal and smiled to Sunflower to start eating his fish, then she turned to her plate starting to eat her rice and fish.

Once Sunflower finished his meal, he stood up, gathered his plate, spoon and fork and walked quickly to the corner of the cafeteria where buckets were laid out so children could put their used plates in them. I was surprised to see that Sunflower bumped into the chairs and the corners of the tables on his way to the buckets. I did not understand what the problem was so I decided to walk up to one of the caretakers at the Centre and asked her about the two children. Her answer made me speechless and suddenly there was a lump in my throat.
I listened to the caretaker’s explanation and then rushed to get a glass of water for Sunflower and led him to Auntie Dr. Krisana to take his share of the colourful donuts that Dr. Krisana laid out on a large plate on a dining table.

When Sunflower finished eating his delicious donut, I put him on my lap and chatted with this handsome 9-year-old boy whom I think must have a foreign parent. His skin is of milky colour.

Kibangkok: Son, do you like fried fish?

Sunflower: Yes, I like fish very much but my eyes cannot see. Sweet pea always takes out all the bones for me. She does that every time we have fish for a meal.

Kibangkok: Your eyes are very beautiful. They are sky blue like those of western people.
Sunflower: I stopped seeing things two years ago uncle.

Kibangkok: What caused this blindness son, can you tell me?
Sunflower: I can see only 5% of the vision in front of me. My blindness was caused by HIV/AIDS virus. I got the virus from my mother who passed away a few years ago. When my mother died, my father abandoned me. Father Giovani brought me here. I’ve been living at the Centre for the past two years.


Kibangkok: You are very smart to know HIV/AIDs virus. Who told you about this virus?

sunflower: Father Giovani told me. He explained to me why I was blind. He takes care of me and all my friends here. He teaches us to love each other, help and look out for each other. I have to go now. I want to get the toys from Auntie Krisana and I must go to brush my teeth before the afternoon nap. Bye….
He got up from my lap and started to run to Dr. Krisana. Then he turned around and said to me, Thank you very much for coming to visit me. Please come again Uncle Kibangkok. Next time, if you remember, please bring me a toy gun that makes a cracking sound….

Although I only spoke to Sunflower for a couple of minutes, my memories of his innocent face and his words would stay with me forever.

“Friendship between two innocent children, Sunflower and Sweet pea”

I wish them good health and hope that they will grow up to be good citizens of our society.

I make a promise to myself that I will come to visit Sunflower and Sweet pea again soon.
If you have time and a chance to go to Rayong, please don’t forget to go and visit all the lovely children at Camillian Social Centre. It is not only an orphanage but also a rehabilitation centre for AIDS patients and la earning centre about HIV/AIDS in the community.

Love is the bridge of hope

I invite all of you to share your love with the orphans at Camillian Social Centre Rayong.
You can find out more information about the centre from this link,
Camillian Social Centre Rayong

Address: 1/1 Soi Keeree, Tambon Huaypong,
Ampur Muang, Rayong Province, 21150

Fax: 0-3868-7480
e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This article was firstly published in Thai Language at
This article was translated from Thai language to English language by the Dr.Krisana fan club.Cool

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