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I have known Dr. Krisana since 1983 when she started working at the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO). My first impressions were “She’s quite strange, unique.” 

Later when we started working together, I became even more impressed and admire her work and life philosophy. I feel very lucky to have followed Dr. Krisana in her work and to have seen all the different people’s lives in many countries, especially in the African continent. To see the dedication, perseverance and ingenuity in dealing with the many obstacles, all of which to bring success to our tasks. I hope that a part of Dr. Krisana’s life which Me-D Comic has published in this comic book for the Thai youths, that Dr. Krisana’s life will teach and instill them in many ways, especially the notion that “Every success is possible through commitment and perseverance.”

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This comic book would not have been possible without thefirm support of kind role-models who allow us to use their biographiesin creating inspiring stories for our world youths to learn from and follow. I would like to thank them for reviewing the manuscripts countless times as well as many more who advised us, with helpful information that will go into creating the story and illustrations that are truthful to real life.


We would also like to thank the parents who choose our comic books as a source of education and entertainment for their children. This is what helps to support Thai comic artists such as ourselves to be able to continue creating quality media on the path that we believe in.

It would be great if we could receive your comments so that our future products will be of greater quality. To send in your critiques, please visit our page and leave your comments at:

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Always Do Good...

Dr. Taharn Panphu, M.D., Director of the GPO. Is your office in good order, Chief of Analytical Development? Please, Director. “Na” is just fine for me.
I‛m just joking. Don‛t you like your new position? Oh, I do.
I promise I will develop drugs and medical supplies for the Thai people, just as this organization aims to do.

The one that Isn‛t that

really expensive? I donget funded. HIV as well? ppens to treat ha think we‛ll ‛t
But I heard that... The chemical‛s really toxic and carcinogenic, too...
Now, are we still interested in helping out with the research? That property isn‛t really true. Just be careful and wear a clean suit during handling.

Khao San Road: A popular tourist spot for foreigners in Thailand.



Medicine Usage Training, Geneva, Switzerland.   They‛re asking about the project again, I can‛t go onlike this forever…
Dr. Tido? Hello. Dr. Krisana, over here.  
This is Mr. Horst Gebbers, owner of Pharmakina, the quinine plant in the Democratic Republic of Congo   Hello. Mr. Gebbers, this is Dr. Krisana Kraisintu
Dr.KraisintuDr. Kraisintu, over here! MyDirk Gebbers. I belmet name is
my father. You can call me Krisanaieve you‛ve
This is Father Emilio.   Let‛s talk more on our ride to the factory.
  Armed men broke into the factory. My father had to hide in his office for three days before he could radio for help from Rwandan police. Only then could he escape to Rwanda.
My father thought about giving up on the factory because of this. But when he realized we‛re the only quinine producers and of the workers, he decided to keep the factory running. This place is kind of scary...
You‛ve just realized this, child?
Big sis, doesn‛t this mean you‛ll be working in the middle of a war? It‛s not that scary, really.
That reminds me, the second time I was there, a bomb landed right next to the lodging area... If they didn‛t, you‛d be dead! They missed, I guess.
Our flights aren‛t 4 hours late like in Africa. Right. I have to get back to Bukavu.
I‛m sorry, but he has died...   ...And many more will, too.
Itf heto o We can‛t give up like this. We have to be stronger... we could get Tanzanians make their wn drugs...
Let‛s go back to the factory. But we don‛t have running water... Then we‛ll do what doesn‛t need water.

Mama Simba Jike

Finally! That

took a while to get the coating agent past customs. It did look quite suspicious after all.
Now, if we didn‛t come with Dr. Krisana, they would‛ve thought we weresmuggling drugs! Everyone. It‛s getting late.
Let‛s head back to our lodging. We can start tomorrow. Alright. Right.
I‛ll need to ask some friends in Uganda for help... But how didWhat?You‛re inUganda? Hello? You got the solvent?! What‛re you doing there? Oh, Antoine. -?
Who‛s this?
There‛s someone on the phone for you, Dr. Krisana.   For me?


Today, Dr. Krisana continues to work in Africa for 11 months per year. She comes back to Thailand to teach in schools, train and establish herbal remedies production plants. She also found charity projects to aid Thai pharmacy graduates to gain real experiences working in Africa...

Honors and Awards of Dr. Krisana Kraisintu :

2009 “Ramon Magsaysay Award ”

the Ramon Magsaysay Foundation, Philippines 2009 “Honorary Pharmacist”

the Hospital Pharmacists‛ Society of Thailand 2009 “Citizen Hero Award”

Sanya Thammasak Institute for Democracy,

Thammasart University, Thailand 2009 “Honorary Doctor of Science”

University of Bath 2008 “Outstanding individual of Thailand in the field of Social-


The Prime Minister‛s Office, Thailand

2008 “Asian of the Year 2008”

Reader‛s Digest Magazine 2007 “Speaker for the Chancellor‛s Distinguished Lectureship Series”

Louisiana State University, U.S.A. 2006 “Honorary Doctorate Degree”

University of Strathclyde and Chiang Mai University 2005 “Honorary Doctor of Science”

Mount Holyoke College

“Reminders Day AIDS Award” (R & D Awards)

Berlin, Germany

2004 “Global Scientific Award”

The Letten Foundation, Norway 2001 “Eureka Gold Medal”

Eureka 50th World Exhibition of Innovation,

Research and New Technology, Brussels, Belgium


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